Holistic and Person-Centered Approaches


After comprehensive scientific research and consultation with leading experts in general health, we have created a treatment program capable of treating and reversing the effects of aging and stress. We believe every human being is different and is unique to his or her experiences and background.

For this reason, we have adopted a self-centered approach that combines modern effective therapy and alternative healing techniques to provide an inclusive and complete recovery plan. We see what is on the surface and understand the underlying issues and conditions that are causing you distress.

At SENSES, we recognize you as an individual, not just a client. We relate to you on a deep level, giving you the connection and understanding you deserve. You will find a safe environment where you can be yourself. You will experience a calm and stress-free retreat where your health will flourish and improve.

Our chefs will prepare delicious and healthy meals to keep your body in optimal condition. Our fully trained and professional teams are always on hand to support you. We will help you build all skills required to grow, revealing a happier, healthier you.




successful and proven holistic concept
1 - A Bespoke Program
2 - Comprehensive Medical Check-Up
3 - Biochemical Restoration
4 - Holistic Approach
5 - Private Luxury Facility
6 - Personal Chef & Diet Plan


proven and successful

1 phase

Residential Retreat

you stay in one of our facilities and receive a range of holistic treatments

2 phase

Individual Aftercare

we will help you implement a healthier lifestyle and continue rebalance your health

3 phase


you come back to us for refreshers


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