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The SENSES Wellness Retreat Clinic brings together the top remedial, rejuvenation, and wellness protocols from across the globe in one place. A variety of bespoke services integrates technology with old healing practices for a fully comprehensive and harmonic approach to maximum health and wellbeing, from holistic therapies to modern beauty and anti-aging and mental and physical performance techniques.

Located at the scenic natural views of Mallorca Spain, the SENSES Wellness Retreat Clinic aspires to give its clients high-quality, client-centered retreat and health care. High-qualified health and wellness professionals make up the team. We work closely on evidence-based approaches. Enhancement of Mental and Physical Wellness, Primary Care, and Women's Health and Wellness Services are just a few of the services we offer.

We listen to you first at The SENSES Wellness Retreat Clinic. Our objective is to genuinely understand why you've come to see us at the health and wellness retreat, to see you as a whole person with many facets, and to recommend and give the most effective and conservative natural care possible.

Education and research, according to the SENSES Wellness Retreat Clinic, are the keys to global wellness. We're on a mission to bring together wellness professionals from across the globe to transform communities, individuals, and the planet's health and wellness. The SENSES Wellness Retreat also offers helpful resources for maintaining your health and wellness long after you leave us.

If other health professionals can help you on your journey to achieve well-being and higher performance, our diverse group of practitioners can refer you to them. Our professionals are here to help you 24/7. Allow us to accompany you on your journey. From inside out.

Integrative wellness retreat clinic to rejuvenate your health and increase performance

Seeking internal and external rejuvenation in serene cycles of nature and solace has been a tradition of mankind since the dawn of civilization. Evidence-based data suggests that a week-long holistic retreat combining leisure, recreational, educational, and therapeutic activities and events improves health, longevity, overall wellness, and performance. Positive attitudes and healthy mindsets assist clients with weight loss and help lower their blood pressure. People who visit rejuvenation retreats and holistic resorts like SENSES Wellness Retreat Clinic can sustain more positive emotions and happier emotional, mental, and physical states after resuming their busy, regimented everyday lives.




A bespoke holistic wellness retreat clinic for relaxation, healing, and performance

You are offering yourself a highly rewarding and meaningful gift when you schedule time away from home at the best wellness retreat center in 2022. When you land at your holistic retreat destination, you will be welcomed with real warmth and friendliness, and all of your preferences, requirements, and wishes will be acknowledged and followed throughout your stay. Every instant of your stay with the SENSES Wellness Retreat Clinic will be made an exciting, enlightening, and fully pleasant dream come true for you by the highly attentive and professional staff. If this is your first time at a luxury wellness retreat, the caring staff will assist you in completely unplugging and reconnecting with your inner self in the luscious beauty and peaceful, pure glory of all-natural surroundings.

Private 5 star luxury wellness retreat clinic residences and hospitality

The SENSES Wellness Retreat Clinic is a selection of exquisite private serene spaces, nestled in nature and crafted with care in the most stunning hideaways of Mallorca. Our wellness retreat center will take you on a journey to experience the true essence of distinctive, luxury wellness retreats and bespoke hospitality. The highly valued SENSES Wellness Retreat Clinic provides Luxury Wellness Program and wellness spa retreat, delivering a range of wellness therapies including traditional methods that replenish the mind, body, and spirit. We unlock the destination’s true cultural identity and introduce you to its magnificent heritage and inspiring culinary feasts with your private chef. With thoughtfully designed residences, this health retreat offers a sense of unmatched luxury and comfort through space and privacy bringing forth our unflinching commitment to wellness.


successful and proven holistic concept
1 - A Bespoke Program
2 - Comprehensive Medical Check-Up
3 - Biochemical Restoration
4 - Holistic Approach
5 - Private Luxury Facility
6 - Personal Chef & Diet Plan

Our Philosophy

We support our clients for a life long health

At SENSES, we understand the process of healing & recovery at the highest standard and understand how health and our mental & physical performance are linked. We aim to provide a safe space for those living a stressful life and who wish to take some time off and care about themself. We understand the complexity of the body and what is needed to live a long and healthy life. An integrated and holistic approach is provided by a multidisciplinary team, that truly cares about your health and wellbeing. All SENSES retreats are designed to boost your mental and physical energy.

Abdullah Boulad,
Managing Director



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